Skyline Auto Detailing/Skyline Auto Care Booking Terms:

Booking online, by phone, by text, or by Yelp.

By booking an appointment with Skyline Auto Detailing/Skyline Auto Care online, via phone conversation, text conversation, or by Yelp’s services you are hereby agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Rescheduling and canceling.

Customers are required to pay a deposit by credit card when booking an appointment. Cancellations and reschedules are subject to the following terms.

If the day of the original service date it is raining or will rain the day of. The service is to be canceled or rescheduled at no cost, fee, or otherwise to the customer.

For cancellations or rescheduling for any other reason, the customer will void their deposit regardless of whether the service is rescheduled. 

Payment upon completion of work and fees.

Payment is due in full to Skyline Auto Detailing/Skyline Auto Care/Camden Weisbruch immediately upon the completion of the booked service/package. Payment is due in cash or a check made out to ‘Camden Weisbruch’. Customers are made aware of this prior to booking the service.

If a customer does not have access to cash or checks they may pay by use of Venmo, Zelle, Credit Card, or Invoice with an added fee of 2.5% of the total service/package price.

The customer is also responsible for any added fees which are displayed with the package at and are as follows. Detailer discretion is used to apply these fees.

Excessive Pet Hair/Sand Fee: $40

Vomit, Throw Up, or Bodily Fluids: $100

Late to Appointment: $5 per every 5 minutes.

Ample Space and Service Area

To complete the detailing service of any of our packages we require ample space for our vehicle and yours.

The service must be completed outdoors, not within a parking garage or covered parking area. 

There must be enough room to open all four doors and the trunk of the vehicle being detailed. 

The vehicle must not be blocking or otherwise obstructing the flow of traffic or access of an individual into or out of their property.

By booking the customer acknowledges that either their place of residence meets these requirements or that a separate area has been designated in advance with the detailer. 

If the service is booked and the customer’s stated location upon booking does not meet these requirements - and the detailer is unable to complete the detail that day, the customer will void their deposit.

Car keys and moving cars.

To effectively complete the service we require the key to your car in order to operate the wheels, windows, and vent system. Your car key will be returned to you immediately after the service is completed and paid in full. If the service is not paid in full plus any applicable fees the key will be held until the remainder is paid. 

We will not move or otherwise physically adjust any customer vehicles. If a vehicle must be moved for a space issue, parking issue, or any issue the customer must be present and willing to do so.

Damage liability.

We are not responsible for any pre-existing damage to the vehicle that is made worse by the detailing process. Any pre-existing damage should be brought to the detailer’s attention prior to the service.

Mid-Service Issues

If during the middle of service it begins to rain, the service will be rescheduled at no extra charge. 

If the service is interrupted and is unable to be completed for any reason other than a life-threatening emergency to either party, the customer is responsible for paying a percentage (10%-90%) of the total service cost (not including deposit) that correlates with the amount of work done by the discretion of the detailer.

Post-Service Satisfaction

If a customer is unhappy with the service we performed the following apply:

There are no cash refunds. 

A new service date may be scheduled at the customer’s request for no charge to the customer. This appointment must be rescheduled within 30 days in order for the ‘no charge’ to take effect. 

Driveways and Pavement Marks

Sometimes the detailing process is known to cause marks on improperly finished concrete driveways. The detailer will make every effort to avoid this and wash down the area after the detail. If your driveway or property is sensitive and subject to marking please inform the detailer prior to the service and ensure the service is done elsewhere. 

If not informed prior to the service we take no responsibility for marking created on the surface driveways or pavement.