Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings offer the best protection on the market for your cars paint and even it's interior. Our ceramic coatings last on average about four years when taken care of properly and get you access to our arsenal of discounted services. Ceramic coatings can be done on paint, wraps, and leather.

(*All ceramic coating packages/appointments will require a deposit prior to booking, If you must cancel or reschedule for any reason other than active rainy weather your deposit will be forfeited. Please note when purchasing a ceramic coating you agree to abide by our ceramic coating agreement which lays out the proper process for maintaining the coating. 

Understanding our Pricing

The base ceramic coating price is $400. This covers the full decontamination prep process of the vehicle including wheel, trim, window, and paint cleaning. This also includes the application of the coating itself. There are additional optional add-ons depending on your preferences.

Prep Process & Ceramic Coating* - $400

Full decontamination wash & wheel cleaning. Full clay bar treatment, strip treatment, and wheel cleaning allows ceramic coating to stick better and longer. Includes coating of painted body panels.

Paint Correction Process - $300

Two stage paint correction process to remove 90% of imperfections like swirls, light scratches, paint transfer, and oxidization. 

Coat up to 7 windows - $150

Ceramic coat your windows (up to seven) for better rain and dirt repellency. 

Wheel Coating (Outside) - $100

Ceramic coat the outer portions of your wheels to repel brake dust and promote an easily cleaned surface.

Extra Coating Layer - $180

Add an additional layer of ceramic to your car increasing the life of the coating. 

Leather Ceramic Coating - $300

Deep clean and coat your leather seats to promote easy cleaning and help lessen UV damage over time.

Service Options

Because of the intricacy of installing a ceramic coating a covered/garaged area free of sunlight is required. If your residence has an applicable area we can come to you to complete the service. Otherwise, we request that you bring your vehicle to us.

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